Renovated office in Brussels for Marsh McLennan

In 2022, we finalised the interior fitting of the offices (+- 4600m²) of Marsh McLennan in Brussels. Colliers took care of the design which was based on implementing a new work organisation and changinge the current work environment to be more in line with the new hybrid ways of working (HWOW), while keeping structural changes and costs to a minimum. The idea was to create a modern and innovative environment that boosts creativity and where employees could grow and pursue opportunities. In the process, the other two subsidiaries located in the building, Guy Carpenter and Mercer, also joined the exercise.

The primary function of this new flexible working environment will no longer be to support individual work, but rather to offer a multi-purpose space where employees have a multitude of options to meet, collaborate, concentrate,... As the number of workstations decreases, new workplace typologies are being integrated, such as phone booths, cockpits, quiet zones, co-creation rooms, etc., all of which are available to employees, to be chosen according to the task to be performed or their personal preferences.

To quote the CEO Rebecca Tielemans:

"Dear colleagues, today it’s about all of you. And it is good to see you so numerous! It is exactly why this building has been redesigned – to come and become better together. So I guess that would be my message for today: be welcome, gather, meet, greet, brainstorm because yes – we are BETTER TOGETHER."

Maatwerkmeubelen of een volledig interieur volgens ontwerp? 

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